How to Remodel Your Bathroom for Under $1500

 bathroom remodel using amazon items

Farmhouse Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

Have you been wanting to spruce up your bathroom? Think it is going to be too expensive? It does not have to be. I put together some items to buy or look at for inspiration. You can do the whole thing for under $1500.

I did mine for much less than that but did not have to buy a vanity because when we bought the house a brand new one was included. This sweet list of items are all available on Amazon which means they can all be shipped right to your door. No having to get the hubby to go to the store to shop.

Big or Small Budgets

First if you want to just spruce up your bathroom but don't want to buy a whole new vanity or paint you can easily do that. Just add a new light, hardware, rugs, or shower curtain. If the space is smaller remember light colors are better and when in doubt white! For a list of my favorite paint colors from Joanna Gaines and their color matches to Benjamin Moore paint colors click here.

One item that I added to my list to consider are drawer pulls. This is a great item that you can buy and spruce up your already existing vanity. Older vanities or cabinets don't always have them but they will add just the right rustic touch to the space. Here are the ones I liked in oil rubbed bronze. Which is the finish I chose all of the bathroom accessories in.

Here is the vanity I liked. You can buy it with or without the top. It has plenty of storage and is a good shade of white. Avanity Hamilton is a company that makes good items. Not low end by far but not high end.

Add Value and Eye Catching Items to Your Home

As you can see the vanity to the right has tiny little silver knobs and silver pulls. I didn't really care for those. That's why I added the pulls above to the list. They are just screwed in with a screw driver so they can be taken of and replaced easy enough. They are oil rubbed bronze which will make them pop on the vanity and match the faucet and lights.

I added everything else in list form down below. Each item has good reviews and more photos you can see by just clicking on the photos. Farmhouse home decor is timeless so if you do decide to sell your home down the road it will be much better adding more neutral items likes these. Nobody likes buying a house with crazy wall colors and all dark fixtures.